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3 weeks ago on 03/27/14 at 05:47pm

Progress on portrait for Vvlkn.
Previous step, click!

1 month ago on 03/16/14 at 08:15pm

Fire Demon bust work in progress. For Foxtacles ;) More demons [not so fiery as this one] soon!

1 month ago on 03/04/14 at 11:42am

Chill and peaceful Tree Dude. First from couple of upcoming Ents commissions ;] Fooling around and having fun with making designs. This one looks more like a mix of ent and troll probably, but who cares when fun is happening. Next one will be more tree-ish ;D

1 month ago on 02/21/14 at 12:44am

No idea what am i doing, but probably I’m professionally destroying precious piece of custom paper :D Very angry pfhish dergon. Roor.

1 month ago on 02/19/14 at 06:54pm

Smaug progress montage. From sketch to finished piece :)
Original is for sale in my store, click!

Solar Flare Amaterasu wip, state from today afternoon. Akryl decided to join me during coloring. Traditional art collaborations are always such enormous joy to me <3

Firetide work in progress. My part of trade with Adalfyre who obviously is an owner of this fiery guy ;]

Merry Christmas everyone, btw! :D

Work work work! Blue belongs to Blue443 ;]

And I don’t blink, and I just keep going.