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Update on R’hialin piece? Yeah, sure - why not! ;) Fiddled with head since last time. I wasn’t too happy with exposure of her cest-crown, now it’s much better. Also, slowly adding scars too. I love her ;)

2 days ago on 08/18/14 at 01:14pm

More progress on R’hialin :D I have a lot of fun with misty/cloudy peaks. Lots of inspiration for anatomy from D&D and Pathfinder illustrations. Somehow she is more of a nasty wyrm to me than regal looking dragoness.
More soon ;)

4 days ago on 08/16/14 at 03:07pm

Sketch of R’hialin. Already deep into coloring, but for now - have a sketch ;)

5 days ago on 08/15/14 at 05:57pm

Follow up on good old Red.¬†Still quite a way to go, but I don’t have too much time lately.

1 week ago on 08/10/14 at 10:40pm

More progress on this guy :D

3 weeks ago on 07/25/14 at 04:19pm

Details are slowly making their way to the surface.

Just small reminder that I am still working on this ;-)
Cloudjumper from HTTYD2.

Previous wip shot.

Niveru doodle work in progress. Long time no see, eh?

1 month ago on 07/07/14 at 12:49am

Cuddle-noodle work in progress for dragons225 :)

1 month ago on 07/05/14 at 02:03pm

Work in progress of a commission for Lynxwing! So much to do, but so happy with it so far <3

1 month ago on 07/04/14 at 10:57pm