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There! Scanned properly. Not top notch scans, but it’s really hard to scan this kind of paper that additionally is bound to spiral ;D
Third dragon will get some colors soon!

Nope, I didn’t forget about him yet. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish him today C:

Character/creature commission for Foxtacles. Red fox with draconic elements. I went a little bit ahead and gave him some extra elements. Isn’t he magpie? ;)
I’ve been imagining him during painting as little, cunning thief [after all he has a fox and dragon blood in him! ;)] that loves collecting gold in particular. Probably due to his wonderful, golden scales he wears with such pride. Whenever he visits new place, he snatches a golden ring from somewhere and adds as a decoration to his hood. And sometimes his Raven friend brings him golden offerings too! Lovely scoundrels.

I did some extra experiments to improve my webbed wings. I am glad how it turned out. Definitely gonna put some more attention into wings again. So satisfied! <3

1 day ago on 04/22/14 at 06:54pm

Work in progress of commission for Foxtacles. He asked me for a fox with draconinc features and this is waaay more entertaining than I suspected in first place :D Had a bit of struggle with general feeling/emotion on the face, but now it works for both of us :D

2 days ago on 04/21/14 at 07:07pm

Hee! Another one. This time just pencil and white gel pen. I think I already mentioned how much I like to fiddle with impossible chest anatomy. 

3 days ago on 04/20/14 at 08:22pm

Another Copic dragon, last one for a while. I’ll scan him later as well. Something tells me he will look better after scan than after being photographed. It’s dark here today. 
Saggy throat! Oldie!

3 days ago on 04/20/14 at 03:18pm

Akryl got his awesome gift and needed some guidance with it. Fruit Juice Dragon happened :o
Copics are awesome ;D

4 days ago on 04/19/14 at 05:26pm


Not exactly sure what to say, but… I just got a birthday gift (my birthday is not today, time frame is a long story :D) from Foxtacles and I am so happy. What do I even say…

Doing ARRRRRRRRRRRRRT with Akryl is so much fun \ o /

Looking for a way back to traditional art. Just an unfinished study-doodle, but I like it :3 I take huge amount of pleasure from drawing chests and fiddling with their muscle anatomy.
More to come as I sure do enjoy my Easter pause ;]

4 days ago on 04/19/14 at 05:12pm

I decided to finally paint something for myself after long day of work <3 Since I recently got absolutely stunning gift  and Dragon’s Dogma artbook too - I am really in mood for red, fiery dragons <3 What you can see here was caused by inspiration boost coming from Smaug’s and Grigori’s design. Feel free to call it horrible mash-up, I don’t care :D I really enjoy how this one is going and hopefully I will be able to finish it when I’ll find some spare time :D

1 week ago on 04/15/14 at 11:23pm