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Some ideas regarding Chained Demon.

Sick break in progress, but not being idle by any means! There, 9x13cm raven sketch :3 Just felt like painting with acrylics. I only used canvas boards before and they obviously have canvas texture. This tiny board here has no canvas and it’s so smooth! :D I love it.

I promised more photos and informations about Raven :D

Raven is one of my Kitsous. To be precise, he’s Dark Kitsou. He’s appearing when bad things are happening. A lot of bad feelings and emotions affected him in physical way, that’s why his fur is black. When he’s appearing he doesn’t mean to make anything worse, oh no! He’s coming to cheer me up. He’s quite a trickster, with cat like personality. He usually keeps within distance, but he’s always there. This time I had really bad days and he decided to stay longer with me. He told me there is a lot of Kitsous out there. His sister is Fortune Kitsou, and she’s white like snow and she has markings blue as sky. He also told me, that Kitsous are very shy creatures. That’s why since their birth until death they are wearing one, single mask. He didn’t show me his face, but he told me he has amber, almost fiery eyes. Raven’s name comes from his front paws. They are similar to birds from crows family.

Baby Kitsous are born with feathered wings. When they are growing up and fulfil their tasks, they are ready to stand on ground without any fears - then their wings are gone.

Now a bit more technical stuff. He’s one of a kind, fully handmade, handpainted and fully posable. He’s made from synthetic materials. He’s soft, made from high quality faux fur. He has 75cm from nose to tail tip.

He is my favourite and probably technically best doll I ever made. I love him <3

Kitsou is my tiny species, please don’t try to take them away from me. It’s just bad to steal friends :P

He is not for sale.
Will I make special Kitsou for sale? Possible.
Will I be open for custom Kitsou commissions? Possible.

2 years ago on 01/24/12 at 03:29pm