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Niveru doodle work in progress. Long time no see, eh?

1 month ago on 07/07/14 at 12:49am

'I would rather my life be of use to someone, if my time is so short as to not keep it for myself.'

'I am not given endless time to just fade away; I am not given a second chance to squander what little life affords us.'

Lazarus design for Vvlkn.
It’s always fun to follow up brilliant descriptions and even help with design from time to time. Really stimulating in terms of creativity <3

Endless loop of works in progress. HELP.

Caelestialis by Isvoc
Progress video

I really like how this is progressing! Of course it’s not done yet. Soon! ;]
Firetide belongs to Adalfyre.

Firetide work in progress. My part of trade with Adalfyre who obviously is an owner of this fiery guy ;]

Merry Christmas everyone, btw! :D

Fluffabulous Creidhne.

Golden Lung. Doodle from one of recent streams. I forgot to upload it earlier :D

More love for my own characters. Little detail shot of R’hialin :) Wanted to make itty, bitty close-up for planned art trade.

I ripped out a page from my Dragon Book by accident again so we made little collaboration with Akryl [dA / FA] :3 I love drawing with him <3

P.S. Sorry for photos-only entries of my little Dragon Book. Those pages look horribly after scanning.