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Endless loop of works in progress. HELP.

Caelestialis by Isvoc
Progress video

I really like how this is progressing! Of course it’s not done yet. Soon! ;]
Firetide belongs to Adalfyre.

Firetide work in progress. My part of trade with Adalfyre who obviously is an owner of this fiery guy ;]

Merry Christmas everyone, btw! :D

Fluffabulous Creidhne.

Golden Lung. Doodle from one of recent streams. I forgot to upload it earlier :D

More love for my own characters. Little detail shot of R’hialin :) Wanted to make itty, bitty close-up for planned art trade.

I ripped out a page from my Dragon Book by accident again so we made little collaboration with Akryl [dA / FA] :3 I love drawing with him <3

P.S. Sorry for photos-only entries of my little Dragon Book. Those pages look horribly after scanning.

I just watched Legend of Korra finale and… and…
I couldn’t help myself haha! At left is my artwork from 2010 and at right is Tree of Time from finale. I KNOW it is not that accurate and it’s just a conicidence but WOOP, I CAN SEE FUTURE!
Jokes aside, finale was awesome ;D

More of Thirmathiien ;)