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More D&D thingies. One of goblins from yesterday session.
General practice. I like humanoids more and more :D

1 month ago on 07/26/14 at 01:19pm

Quick portrait of Ithena for our D&D shenanigans.

1 month ago on 07/21/14 at 11:32am

Creidhne doodle for my precious bubblewrap <3

1 month ago on 07/14/14 at 08:05pm

I-have-10-free-minutes type of sketch. My Rhialin. Probably not gonna finish it.

1 month ago on 07/10/14 at 12:34pm

Shit mood piled up on my head today, so i decided to use it for something creative that I can’t fuck up.
Since I got amazing Art of Destruction and gorgeous Neca figure, generally I’m having a bit of trouble to get Godzilla out of my head. I decided to try G14 again, this time play a bit with design itself. Didn’t do much besides small changes with proportions and couple of shapes [bigger head, taller spikes, tail length]. And. Something super important. EARS <3
It’s just a sketch/doodle, but who cares.
I don’t plan on finishing this one. Maybe I will go another with a bit more dynamic pose. 

Done some time ago. Totally forgot to share him %)

Morning doodles, “Let’s make Minotaur-esque creature” episode \o/

Looking for a way back to traditional art. Just an unfinished study-doodle, but I like it :3 I take huge amount of pleasure from drawing chests and fiddling with their muscle anatomy.
More to come as I sure do enjoy my Easter pause ;]

I got myself cheapo brush pen last week and I began my tests :) It’s really nice and handy sketching tool. I really enjoy sketching with inks and watercolors so I quite like it! For some reason I think I use less paint/ink this way comparing to traditional brushes. Also it kinda spares me all mess with extra cups, so I can paint with it without too much of table space [for example, as you can see - during playing pokemon in random place :P]
P.S. Fur is fun to paint. :D 

Fire dryad sketch, 30 mins. Dailies! ;D