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I got myself cheapo brush pen last week and I began my tests :) It’s really nice and handy sketching tool. I really enjoy sketching with inks and watercolors so I quite like it! For some reason I think I use less paint/ink this way comparing to traditional brushes. Also it kinda spares me all mess with extra cups, so I can paint with it without too much of table space [for example, as you can see - during playing pokemon in random place :P]
P.S. Fur is fun to paint. :D 

1 month ago on 03/16/14 at 11:22am

Fire dryad sketch, 30 mins. Dailies! ;D

My purple video test-subject. He’s glowiiing! :)

Stream doodles!
Red Dragon, Crocodile Dragon and Foxagon ;D Just minor, relaxing thingies.

Arx. R’hialin’s brother [coming form same mother]. Very different from his sister ;D However, they both inherited their mother’s head spikes and blue eye colors. I might squeeze fullbody shot of him into my plans. Totally not ¬†satisfied with just 20 mins portrait.
Also, already laughed to death during process, but I can’t stop seeing turian in him :V Not intended, but not gonna change him either.

To-be-named Azure Freckled Dragoness for Foxtacles :)

Queen Monarch. Just another doodle :)

A Twig by Isvoc

Stream quickie. I don’t usually post humanoids, but whatever. Too much fun on stream to skip it ;D

Frank Flower and his brother Frank Frost. They are Juggernauts, but privately Frank Flower is a gentle, earth zobie golem while Frank Frost is a chilly ice crystal zombie golem.
They are new around, be nice to them. ;]
4 months ago on 11/30/13 at 06:59pm

Lady Selkis belongs to Vvlkn.