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Progressing on commission for Stripetail :) Really digging this one!

4 months ago on 03/29/14 at 02:23pm

Rough illustration sketch for commission for Stripetail
Thinking about detailing this cloth makes me excited! :D

5 months ago on 03/20/14 at 02:04pm

Wintery piece for Foxtacles :3 Took me way too much time, but I am quite content with outcome ^^ Alvitur and snow are always a good mix! :D
Mixed media, 18inch x 24 inch, huuge! Also I suck at photographing such big pieces. Sorry! :D

WiP nr2. A bit bigger this time.

3 years ago on 07/11/11 at 05:46pm

I’m trying to finalize this idea since like february god damn it. Since I lately have that “I give up” period in my life, it was kinda abandoned. Well, seems that today is a good day for that idea. I made more than just sketch lol. I’m pleased so far. Maybe finally I will complete something.

Anyway, I will try to do even small commissions update today. Hopefully.

3 years ago on 07/11/11 at 01:29pm