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Gimme kiss!

1 year ago on 05/30/13 at 07:41pm

Xenomorph warm-up speedpaint/work in progress. I may continue later, but now gotta move to commissions.

Xenos, mmmm, my precious.

1 year ago on 03/14/13 at 01:18pm

And now update on my Big Chap painting :D It’s classic alien, based on design from first movie. I just call him “Big Chap” because of Hot Toys figure model ;}

I added previously posted sketch, just because these look cool together. I am very careful with this one and I am not fully sure what to do, but I like it so far. When I posted first sketch, I had no idea for his dome. I don’t like rigged dome that was used in Aliens and I didn’t feel skilled enough to go with translucent one… buuut… Since rest of his design was based on first movie I decided to sketch translucent dome with visible skull to make it more accurate. I still have no idea how do I paint it all, but welp. I guess it will come with time. Challenge accepted.

Acrylics, canvas with wooden frame, 30x60cm

2 years ago on 07/29/12 at 07:56pm

Little sneak peak for “personal” fan art I started today. It’s been a while since I made something for myself. It is actually me using cotton canvas second time in my life. I have no idea what am I doing, but I am excited and happy as hell :D

Size: 30x60 cm

Wish me luck.

2 years ago on 07/16/12 at 11:18pm