We can’t just sit in idle way on our butts, right? DAMN RIGHT! So that’s not really well thought or planned idea :D We both with Akryl [dA/FA] are kinda fans of self made papers, self dyed papers, custom sketchbooks etc. Nothing wrong with buying supplies, but it is fun to make then yourself. They become a bit more personal this way ;) Sooo, I really like “tea” stained papers. It’s not really about tea itself, more of a texture and color. Only sketchbooks with similar color that I could find were from recycled paper. Nothing against them here, it’s just not what I was looking for. So I asked Akryl “wanna join me in crazy art experminent my friend? 8)”. FUN. We made big box of tea, coffee and ink soup. After that we dunked sketchbook in and let it sink. Then page after page after page we started dying it. Some cool patterns appeared as you can see! Right now, it’s getting dry. After that I’ll take care of cover :) Last photo is a look of random [first in this case XD Sadly it fell off! :x] page. It’s going to be damn cool sketchbook! :D

As for the soup itself, we didn’t keep any particular proportions. What we added here is 5 teabags, two instant coffees and couple of brown ink drips. Just play around!

It’s easy and rather cheap! You can try it yourself! :D

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