I decided to finally paint something for myself after long day of work <3 Since I recently got absolutely stunning gift  and Dragon’s Dogma artbook too - I am really in mood for red, fiery dragons <3 What you can see here was caused by inspiration boost coming from Smaug’s and Grigori’s design. Feel free to call it horrible mash-up, I don’t care :D I really enjoy how this one is going and hopefully I will be able to finish it when I’ll find some spare time :D

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That’s okay though

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Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess

Today is an artbook day! I just got this amazing gift in mail <3 I really have troubles to put up any words, because UGH. THIS IS AMAZING.
Dragons225 decided to gift me this draconic book of wonders, for reasons I don’t exactly understand but truly appreciate.
That’s like 100 pages of Smaug ONLY. Design reasoning, early versions, concepts, peanuts, candy and sugar with cherry on top and fanfares in background.
I absolutely didn’t expect this and I am so happy sdkahskdhads. This is so cool ;_;


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Forgot to mention it earlier, but couple of days back I got this thing in mail. And it’s really damn awesome. Lots of inspiration inside, totally recommending :D

I wanted this particular artbook for a while now. Sadly missed out when it was released around game times, aaand… Then I found out it will be re-released in english again - joy. So, it finally arrived! I really like worn-off effect on cover, even if at first it tricked me into thinking book may be damaged. Anyway, inside you can find all from design sketches, early concepts, rejected ideas and tons of final designs and cgi shots. It covers human characters, locations, weapons and monsters. There is some amount of text giving you reasoning behind designs, but not too much. Just bits to keep you interested. It is a total eye-candy. Get one if you fancy this kind of stuff, you won’t regret getting it :D

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Dean Koontz, The Key to Midnight


 David Eagleman, “Metamorphosis”

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Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

I can’t afford to hate anyone. I don’t have that kind of time.

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